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Gabriela Gonzalez and Jorge Pullin

Leni was wonderful. She was very patient and explained things very clearly and honestly. Although in the end we understood this type of insurance did not work for our situation, we highly recommend her if you need long term insurance.Thank you Gabriela and Jorge. I appreciate your kind words. Leni.

Rosanna G.

I enjoyed working with Leni Webber to secure an LTC policy. She is very knowledgeable, beyond answering questions. She provided me with the education I needed to make an informed decision. She is patient and takes the time to explain policy differences and technical terminology, and she is able to offer and explain options. She makes herself available to answer questions and was very helpful in guiding me through the application process, so there were no surprises. I benefitted by her experience. She is responsive and follows through, helping to make a smooth process which resulted in securing a policy. I am fortunate to have had Leni's help and would recommend her to others.Thank you Rosanna.  You were a pleasure to work with as we sorted through your retirement planning and your reasons for looking into long term care planning.  In the end, you chose a very good policy which put your mind at ease.

Dom Jervis

Leni was simply WONDERFUL to work with. Because of my health issues, I was a difficult person for whom to find a Long Term Care Policy. I admire the fact that she worked tirelessly to find even one she could offer to me. She had a broad and deep knowledge of that plan. I know very little of the "Language of Insurance." Fortunately, she does. This Lady knows her stuff! She demonstrated not just her competence, but her vast patience in explaining the details and immediately & thoroughly answering all of my maybe-not-so-intelligent questions. The fact that I decided not to pursue that offer further does not in Any way detract from my deepest respect and gratitude for her expertise, compassion and professionalism. You will not be sorry if you reach out to her for assistance in such an endeavor. DJ
DJ:I appreciate your comments and am glad you found the discussion helpful.All the best. Leni

Phil Wade

I was searching for information regarding long term care and/or life insurance policies that could be combined to provide both LTC as well as a death benefit. I had a very small amount of knowledge about this process but knew I wanted and needed to gain more in order to make an informed decision about the type of policy I would purchase for me and my wife. That's where Leni stepped in. From the moment she answered my request online, she was very professional and warm in her approach with me, offering to not only share her knowledge with both me and my wife via webinar, but also to run some comparisons for us between a few different companies. This allowed us to see very clearly what type of policy would be best for us along with price comparisons for three leading companies that provided this type of policy. Leni is truly an expert in this field and you will not go wrong by choosing her to help you through this somewhat confusing and complicated world of insurance options. Thank you Leni for your guidance and assistance. Phil Wade Phil:You were a pleasure to work with and I appreciated your sharing your concerns and prior experience with looking at long term care plans. That made my job easier so that I could design a plan that suited your needs. Leni.

Emily McKeigue

I worked with Leni who was wonderful. She helped me compare various plans and steered me in the right direction. I highly recommend her! E.M.
You were a delight to work with Emily. I really appreciated you sharing your concerns. And when the first carrier didn't work out, you were open to looking into another opportunity which fortunately did work out.


As I am going through the process of making important decisions about Long Term Care insurance, Leni has shared a wealth of knowledge and great choices. She is helpful, patient, and flexible. You were a pleasure to work with Merrilee. Your questions were thoughtful and spot-on.  And your story about witnessing your friend's struggle with finding and paying for care was quite compelling. 

Denise Alexander

Leni Webber in one word is superb. I have enjoyed our conversations immensely. She has been an excellent teacher for someone who knows very little about long term health care. She was kind, thoughtful, understanding and spoke plainly about our options. She never tried sell me more than I needed or could afford. She put the options before me and spoke frankly and honestly about what she thought my best options were for both my husband and myself. I am impressed with her candor, her professionalism and love her sense of humor. These decisions at least for us are very stressful moments. She has diffused them and helped us to understand and to make difficult decisions for us now and into our future. I highly recommend Leni. Thank you for everything.D.A.  I enjoyed working with you very much D.  Even though there were some health challenges, I'm glad I was able to present you and your husband with some solutions.  And I appreciated the time you took forming your questions and sifting through your options.Leni.


Leni was extremely helpful in explaining the long term health care policy. She answered all questions thoroughly. She provided a plan that made sense to us. I am impressed with her professionalism on all levels. I will recommend her to others who are interested in long term health care plans. I enjoyed working with you Merrilee and I'm glad you found the information helpful and informative. Leni.

Paul Blanchette

Ms. Webber contacted me about long term care insurance. She spent about forty five minutes on the phone educating me on the subject. After that conversation she emailed me the information that I requested so that I could review the material with my wife. We decided on a convenient time and we spoke again with my wife present. She answered all of my wife's questions, set up another telephone meeting and gave us additional information to review. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She made my wife and I realize the importance of proper planning for the future. If anyone has any questions about long term care insurance, Leni Webber is the one to contact! P.B. Thanks Paul. I'm glad I was able to give you the information you needed to make a decision. I appreciate your kind words. Leni.

Emily S

Leni earned my trust and great admiration through the process of our researching and buying Long Term Care Insurance. She is completely upfront and honest, thoroughly knowledgeable, and entirely thorough. She explained options clearly, followed up on all questions, and kept me and my husband fully informed at every step of the way. Thank you, Leni! Emily: you and your husband made my job easy. As I led you through the underwriting process you were able to give me all of the pertinent information which ultimately resulted in you both getting excellent coverage.  I really appreciate your help throughout. Leni.

Naeela Sattar

It was very pleasant to work with Leni. She was patient, thorough and helped me through the information. I had questions after we had met and she was available to answer those questions promptly through email as well the phone. I look forward to continue to work with her. NS.
I enjoyed very much working with you as well. Thanks for filling me on on your family situation and prior experience  with long term care. I'm glad I could help you and your husband.

Delayne Connor

Leni Webber was professional, caring, and supportive throughout this process. It was a pleasure to work with her. I enjoyed working with you Delayne. Thanks for your inquiry and participation during the process.

Rick Fingerman, CFP

As a Certified Financial Planner practitioner, I see the need to have a comprehensive plan in place. Long Term Care Insurance is part of that plan. I have found Leni to be a wealth of knowledge and a great resource. She is my go to person whenever I have a long term care insurance question. Thank you Rick. And I have been impressed with your financial knowledge and understanding of the need for total planning. You are a resource for me as well, especially when dealing with women who are going through divorce or mediation.

Susan McCouch

It has been a pleasure working with Leni to learn about the options available for long term care. I especially appreciated her ability to make the complex array of choices offered by different plans intelligible. She was able to compare the plans in a very professional and succinct way, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, without ever pushing one option over another. She also never seemed hurried and allowed me to ask as many questions as I needed in order to clarify my options. I am very grateful for the information she shared and the time she spent with me.You were also a pleasure to work with Susan. I'm glad I was able to help you understand your long term care plan options.

Andrea S

I appreciated being able to set up a time to talk with Leni after work, in the comfort of my own home at a mutually convenient time. I was able to receive all the information I needed to assist me in making an informed decision. Thank you!
I enjoyed working with you Andrea and appreciated your openness in sharing your concerns.

Phyllis Ranz

It's been a pleasure working with Leni. She made the complicated job of searching for a long term insurance plan that fit my needs seem effortless. She seems to know her business very well. Thank you Leni!
Phyllis:  I really enjoyed working with you as well.....and your description of the solar eclipse was wonderful!

Fran Lumia-Wilkens

My husband, Glen, and I had a phone conference and webinar with Leni Webber today. The information on LTC was invaluable! Leni did a wonderful job explaining the differences in plans, as well as ways to fit LTC into our monthly budget. We will recommend Leni very highly to all our friends and relatives. Thank you for this valuable information! Fran Lumia-Wilkens
Fran: You and Glen were a pleasure to work with and I appreciated your contributions to the conversation regarding your past experience with long term care as well as your preferences for where you wanted to receive care. 

David and Nancy

We were impressed by Leni's consultative approach to the complex business of long term care insurance. Instead of pushing product, she spend a great deal of time educating and advising us about solutions and strategies. We are very grateful for her diligence and patience!
I appreciate the research that you did David, and how involved you were in the process. Thank you.

Jim and Eileen Rutledge

This was the first time we have ever applied for long-term care insurance and Leni Webber was so helpful in explaining the coverage and the options available to us. She is so very knowledgeable about the subject matter and she explained it all so clearly and on point with what our questions and concerns were about. She is truly a pleasure to work with. We are very happy with our coverage and we very much appreciated Leni's help with it all along the way. Sincerely, Jim and Eileen Rutledge
I enjoyed working with both of you and found you a pleasure to work with.

Norma and Chris

Leni Webber was a terrific guide in our LTC insurance search several years ago. We appreciated her frankness and humorous honesty in evaluating products best for us, and outlining the intake process of screening which served us well. We appreciate her keeping in touch with continued honest assessments of our needs. Look forward to future business with Leni! Norma and Chris
Norma and Chris: Please stay in touch and be sure to let me know if you have any future questions.

MG, Boston

I'm so glad our paths crossed, and I met with you to learn more about LTC. Leni, you made LTC more understandable where I was able to think about what was best for me and make a sound decision that made sense. Having peace of mind, while choosing an affordable plan that met all my needs is a priceless feeling. Thank you again!
I'm so glad you still feel this way since we put your plan in place four years ago. Peace of mind is a wonderful feeling.

Nancy Cohn

We have the highest regard for Leni. My husband and I were interested in LTC and Leni was open to hearing about our lives and what we were willing to do. I was impressed with her presentation of all the options, in which she helped us find what works for us. She is a true professional who demonstrates warmth and expertise in helping a couple navigate the maze of LTC. I recommend her service without reservation. Dr. Nancy Cohn
Nancy:I truly enjoyed working with you and your husband. Your family experiences with long term care showed me that you really understand the challenges and how stressful it can be to deal with a long term care situation.

tom Cooper and Eileen Flanagan

Eileen and I had a mountain of questions and Leni was very patient and thorough - She was always clear and friendly. We greatly appreciate the help, care, and ability she gave us to make informed decisions. Ultimately, this was a great opportunity to learn about pricing, possible challenges facing us, and how this insurance works. In each of these three areas, Leni was a fine educator. We felt confident we knew what we were doing by the time we made decisions. Many thanks to Leni. Our best, Tom and Eileen
I'm  so glad you found my presentation helpful Tom and Eileen. Your questions showed me that you took the process seriously, and I enjoyed really enjoyed working with you both. 

Elizabeth W., Norwood

Thank you Leni for helping me learn more about long term care insurance. The time spent with me was valuable for long term planning. You answered all my questions in a straightforward way and helped me understand the "ins and outs" of this complex decision.
I'm glad I could be of help Liz.  Your experience with your family member certainly brought this to the forefront for you and made you very aware of this important issue.

Brian B.

Leni, thank you so much for your help, care and commitment throughout this process. You have reinforced the realization of how important long term health care insurance is for our family's future security. You listened, understood and prepared the best options for my wife and I. We appreciate all your time and help.
I'm glad you found it helpful Brian. 

Bill B.

Purchasing long term care insurance is an involved process. There are many options from which to choose. In the end it really comes down to what type of coverage you feel most comfortable with, and one that best fits your situation. It takes a lot of work to research, understand, and decide on the right plan. Part of the process is finding the right person, one you can trust, and also to guide you along the way. Leni was always available to help us through the different stages of the process. My wife and I both feel that we selected the best product and the best person.
Thank you Bill. I was impressed by the research you did and how quickly you grasped the concepts. Working with you and Debbie was a real pleasure.

Sandra del Castillo

I met Leni through an on-line long term care link. I knew very little about long-term care insurance at the time, and Leni did an excellent job of laying out the costs and benefits of various plans, as well as identifying the optimum plan for my circumstances and the options to further finetune that plan. She followed up with printed materials, including a comprehensive guide to long-term care and a spreadsheet outlining the choices she had tailored specifically for me. She was professional, highly competent, and (especially) patient throughout the process. I highly recommend her for anyone looking into the purchase of long-term care insurance
Thanks Sandra.  I know you were drawn to long term care planning because of a health issue of a loved one in your family. That is often the case with the people I work with.
I'm glad you found the process helpful.

Irwin Pers

We were impressed with Leni's professionalism in many ways. We immediately saw that she is very knowledgeable about long term care insurance and she has an easy way about her in explaining what can be a vast, confusing maze of information. She listened to our concerns, made us comfortable that she understood our needs, and we never felt any sales pressure. She called us promptly after our first inquiry and followed up with timely emails and subsequent appointments. Leni is a professional in every sense of the word. 
Thank you.  You and your wife made my job easier by asking all the right questions. Glad I could be of service.

Deborah N.

Thank you so much for your help. My company offered a LTC option for employees. During the enrollment process, Leni kept me informed of the options I had, how the proposed plan compared to what was demonstrated during the company training session on the topic, as well as keeping me informed as to the progress of the approval for the LTC policy. She was frank but kind regarding some of the questions around my coverage which allowed me to do a better job around my own retirement planning which includes LTC. I would highly recommned her and look forward to future work with her. It was a pleasure to working with you and showing you the available options. I was really pleased that you were able to obtain coverage.

Myron & Diane Lee

We would like to add our thanks for the gentle guidance which Leni provided during our online/telephonic chats. LTC is not a subject which is easily approached by most, but she made it a much more relaxed, yet thoroughly informative, journey. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her to anyone who is looking for this type of coverage. While she is completely professional in her presentation, she also has the ability to explain LTC and to determine the clients' needs in a warm and friendly manner and thus allay some of their concerns about the future. Once again, thanks! So glad you found the process helpful and informative and was glad to be of help.


I enjoyed talking to you and working with you as I applied for this coverage. You made the process personal and enjoyable, and I appreciated the knowledge, compassion and experience that you brought to the table as well.
Thanks for your kind words.  I'm glad you found the process easy and that you were able to obtain coverage.

Mary Y.

My husband and I avoided the topic of LTC insurance until a conversation with Leni educated and guided us to choose getting covered. Leni is highly knowledgeable, very personable, and has a great skill for sorting out individual needs and priorities. She advised and guided us wisely every step of the way. The process was smooth even with a few health history challenges that we brought to the table. Thank you Leni - we could not recommend anyone more highly than you!
Mary: you and your husband were terrific to work with and I'm glad I was able to provide a plan that you were both happy with. Thanks for placing your confidence in me.

Lynn Holden

I was overwhelmed by the prospect of seeking long-term care insurance and evaluating the different plans, but Leni Webber made it easy, as she was thorough, patient, knowledgeable, and able to explain things clearly. She came across as friendly and easy to relate to, as well as genuine, professional, reliable, and trustworthy. I can't recommend her highly enough, and I have already recommended her to several friends. Lynn, Brookline, MA
Thanks for your comment Lynn and I'm glad I was able to help you, and hope to be of help to your friends as well.

M.L.R., MD, Mass.

Let's face it...looking into long term care insurance is nobody's favorite thing to do. Leni Webber was extraordinarily patient and professional. She made herself available to suit our busy schedule and was able to design a plan that suited our needs perfectly. Throughout the entire process she was easy to work with, and I was impressed with her ability to respond and follow through.
Thanks so much M.L.R., MD. I enjoyed being able to work with you both and find a suitable carrier for you.

Tom C., DVM

At our meeting with Leni Webber she gave an overview of long-term care insurance and asked us what are goals were. She directed us to highly-rated carriers, explained the key components to look for in policies, and helped us design plans that met our goals without "over-insuring." She believes in the value of her product, and we found her to be very instructive in helping us make this critical decision.
It was a pleasure working with you Tom and I'm glad you found my work helpful and instructive.

Tom and Nancy, Newton, MA

We felt comfortable with Leni the first time we met her. While educating us about LTC insurance and describing the different plans available, she covered all the pertinent information. Her personal touch made us think perhaps she had been a wonderful teacher in a past life.
Tom and Nancy: I'm so glad you felt comfortable with me. As far as I know, I have not been a teacher in my past life, but who knows!

Chris and Kim

Leni Webber is a top-notch professional and an expert in her field. She knows her products well and made the process very easy. She listened and advised on the carrier and insurance features that best fit our needs and budget. We were successful in securing long term care insurance despite some health issues and we are extremely pleased.
Chris and Kim: I"m so glad I was able to help you both in spite of some of the health issues. Thanks for your kind words.

Tracy Gonzalez and Janet Washburn

Congratulations on successfully completing LTC Financial Partners’ agent education class on “How to Conduct Consumer Long Term Care Education On-Line.” Today more than ever, consumers are challenged with their schedules but still want to find time to receive objective education in the comfort of their home with just the click of a link. Thanks for adding value to the class with your participation.Thanks for your help Janet and Tracy.
I enjoyed working with Leni Webber to secure an LTC policy. She is very knowledgeable, beyond answering questions. She provided me with the education I needed to make an informed decision. She is… Read More

Rosanna G.

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